World’s leading brand of fluid control equipment focused on chemical pump development.

The world’s leading chemical pump manufacturer

Our chemical pumps are favored the world over and have led with the development of many high quality products

IWAKI is a global company with presence in Asia, America, Europe and Oceania…, In Japan, we have an extensive sales network covering the entire country and continue to expand our domestic market share. We also closely follow up with customers after our products are put in service.
The range of products developed for increasingly diverse applications numbers in the thousands. Apart from pursuing high quality as a world-leading manufacturer, we supply products that minimise ownership costs for our customers.

Advanced technical capabilities

R&D strength that has contributed to technical improvements in industries all over the world

Our greatest strength lies in research and development. We focus on strengthening our technical capabilities. We make significant efforts in researching fluid control, developing new products and new technologies.
The reason our customers tell us, “IWAKI products are high quality products” is also due to our business structure with this technical department at the core. Constantly moving forward, we will continue to supply chemical pumps that will contribute to the development of many industries.

Rigorous Quality Control

Our products meet strict quality criteria. Based on cell production methods, the entire flow from assembly to packaging is done at the same workstations.

Rigorous inspections are done at every process stage using the latest test equipment and ISO9001 based quality control standards. Moreover, based on our integrated internal standards, we strive to achieve zero defect rate. We have adopted cell production methods for handling small lot production. Since the entire production flow from assembly to packaging is done at the same workstations, we have successfully improved our quality and productivity, making it possible to oer fluid control equipment having excellent durability.

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